P. 5


                                          PART II- PURPOSES

3.01 The following Statement of Purpose of the Corporation is as set out in the
         Articles of Incorporation and can only be amended in accordance with the Act.

3.02 The Statement of Purpose of the Corporation is:

              • To organize and sponsor regular, effective scientific meetings and
                  workshops under a national umbrella for plant science and related
                  disciplines in Canada.

              • To operate and maintain a strong communication network among
                   Member Societies and their individual members.

              • To be a strong and effective force for public education and advocacy in
                   plant and related sciences.

                                        PART Ill- MEMBERSHIP


4.01 Membership in Plant Canada shall consist only of those Societies that have
          been admitted into Membership as either a Voting Member or an Associate
          Member by a simple majority vote of the Board.


5.01 There shall be fifteen (15) classes of Membership, Class A Voting Members,
          Class B Voting Members, Class C Voting Members, Class D Voting Members,
          Class E Voting Members, Class F Voting Members, Class G Voting Members;

         Class H Voting Members; Class I Voting Members, Class J Voting Members
          and Class K Voting Members and Class L Non-Voting Associate Members,

          Class M Non-Voting Associated members, Class N Non-Voting Associate

         Members, Class 0 Non-Voting Associate Members, Class P Non-Voting

          Associate Members and Class Q Non-Voting Associate Members. All Class
          A to Class K Members shall be collectively known as "Voting Members" or

         "Voting Class Members". The Class L to Class 0 Non-Voting Associate

          Members shall also be known as Non-Voting Members. Each Voting Class
          Member and Associate Member shall be entitled to receive notice of all
          Meetings of Members and attend all Meetings of Members. Only Voting
           Members shall have the right to vote on any matter unless otherwise provided
           for in the Act.

           Pursuant to subsection 197(1) (Fundamental Change) of the Act, a special
           Resolution of the Members is required to make any amendments to this
           Section of the By-laws if those amendments affect Membership rights and/or
           conditions described in paragraphs 197(1)(e), (h), (I) or (m) of the Act.
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